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Wild Earth Allies


On December 14th, 2016 we donated 20% off all sales to Wild Earth Allies, Inc. We are grateful for the business and loyalty of our customers while helping us support a great organization. Below is a thank you note and confirmation of donation from Wild Earth Allies, Inc. sent on Wednesday December 15, 2016...


Thank you for your support of Wild Earth Allies, Inc. (formerly known as Fauna & Flora International, Inc.). Your contribution helps us fight each day to protect wildlife and habitats by partnering with the communities that surround them. With equal parts optimism and purpose, we address conservation challenges by inspiring collaborative action toward a better future for the planet and everything that lives on it. We are grateful for your support of these efforts.


Method of Payment: CreditCard
Name on Credit Card: The STRATosphere
Credit Card Last 4 Digits: 7022
Amount: $1,089.32
Total Billed to Your Credit Card: $1,089.32

Tax-Deductible Amount: $1,089.32 (If a thank you gift or ticket item was selected during the checkout process, its fair market value is not included in this tax-deductible total.)
Date: 12/15/2016
Time: 08:42 AM EST
Transaction #: 1264514267

Authorization: Approved
Authorization Code: 717550

Nonprofit Organization: Wild Earth Allies, Inc. (formerly known as Fauna & Flora International, Inc.)
Address: 2 Wisconsin Circle Suite 900 Chevy Chase MD 20815