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Regulations For Rosewood Species

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Starting today January 2, 2017 we will no longer be able to sell rosewood necks outside of the United States (unless you want to wait 60-90 days per order for a re-export certificate). New regulation has taken effect that calls for documentation when shipping instruments internationally that contain any amount of any kind of rosewood or certain types of bubinga.

The Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna (CITES) held a conference from September 24 - October 4, 2016 this year in Johannesburg, South Africa where it was decided that all species of rosewood under the genus Dalbergia and three bubinga species (Guibourtia demeusei, Guibourtia pellegriniana, and Guibourtia tessmannii) will be protected under CITES Appendix II. Each country has its own CITES Management Authority. If you live outside the United States, you can look up the CITES contact in your country here.

When shipping musical instruments that include any amount (i.e. fingerboard, back, sides, binding) of Dalbergia or the other newly regulated woods out of your country as part of a commercial transaction, each one must be accompanied by a CITES re-export certificate. CITES re-export certificates must be applied for through the US Fish and Wildlife Service. You can download the application here.

This is an ongoing topic, we will do our best to keep you informed on future updates, policies and procedures. We will also continue to provide an amazing selection of guitar parts for you as well as handle any concerns with these new governmental regulations.

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