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FrankenTeles: See the Creations

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We are constantly blown away with stories from our customers on how they were able to craft the guitar they had imagined. We can't thank everyone who supports The STRATosphere enough and truly believe all of your creations should be seen by as many guitar enthusiasts as possible. Here are a few stories we have highlighted. As always you can see more up to date stories on our social media pages...

"American Highway 1 neck, American Standard hardware, Custom Shop Texas Special neck and bridge PU's. SRV Texas Special middle PU. Body stained by my wife in American cherry."

Tim Sullivan

"This is my Fender Elite/Magnificent 7 Power Telecaster. The Stratosphere provided the body and neck as a unit, full electrics and controls including pre-amp from a Nashville Deluxe Power Telecaster, and the Fender locking tuners. The bridge is a Fishman piezo bridge, and the pickguard and control plate are gorgeous handmade Bubinga.
A huge thanks to The Stratosphere, as I realised dual dreams of a USA Tele and a Power Nashville Telecaster at long last."

David Roo Parry

"My tuxedocaster, assembled with a J5 signature body, block inlays mahogany neck and a original Vintage gibson PAF and old Dimarzio DP195 PAF and a varitone at the pickups selector switch."

Ben St-Laurent

This customer's Tele project features a Thinline body style fused with a vintage style vibrato, dual humbuckers and rosewood bound neck- a highly resonant tone machine from the looks. We like the way he is thinking!

Trevor Russell

10 Ways to Improve the Tone of a Fender Stratocaster

                                        You have probably read more than a few tips over the years about how one can achieve "perfect guitar tone". We personally believe it is a journey rather than a destination- not unlike your playing. [...]

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NH COVID-19 UPDATE: Online Orders Still Shipping

In full compliance with New Hampshire Governor Sununu's emergency order #17 we will no longer be open to the general public through May 4, 2020. We certainly hope this will be adequate time to stop the spread of the virus so we can all resume our normal lives.Per the governor's official schedule of businesses allowed to still operate we [...]

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Rosewood Parts Shipping Worldwide Again!

The Conference on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES) in Geneva, Switzerland voted on Aug 28, 2019 to exempt finished musical instruments, parts, and accessories from CITES restrictions on all rosewood species except Brazilian rosewood. The restrictions on Brazilian rosewood, whose endangered species status and restrictions predate those on other [...]

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Fender Neck Profiles Explained

Customers often ask for recommendations on which neck profile is the best fit for their hands and playing style. Below is a list of the 3 most popular profiles we offer including key Fender models that each can be found on. It's time to bolt on your next dream neck!Modern “C” Shape: Thin profile, easy/fast playing, usually 9.5” radius, [...]

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New Seymour Duncan Sets!

We have always been putting together custom pickup sets for our customers since we became Seymour Duncan dealers. Duncan has now taken out much of the guesswork by offering this incredible line of new pickup sets suitable for every genre- from country to jazz to rock to metal. These also happen to be some of [...]

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CruzTOOLS- Tools for Musicians

Guitar players may know a little about truss rods and action, but few actually attempt adjustment. That’s a shame, because a good setup will improve your performance. CruzTOOLS provides everything you need to work on your guitar or bass, plus an Easy Setup Guide that takes the mystery out of the process. Below is a list [...]

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The Quiet Giant Heard Around The World

The Quiet Giant Heard Around The World Occasionally, the world produces one of those rare thinkers [...]

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Fender Transitions to Pau Ferro

Machaerium spp. (Machaerium scleroxylon), aka: Pau Ferro. Primary Origin: Tropical South America (Brazil and Bolivia)Fender Musical Instruments is officially moving away from using rosewood fingerboards in the manufacturing of its Mexican made instruments due to the recent CITES regulations (see our previous post on CITES here). What this means to the player: starting early summer [...]

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Limited Edition Matching Headstock Fender American Standard Telecaster

Fender has just released a gorgeous limited edition lineup of American Standard Telecasters with matching headstock as part of its 2016 "Magnificent 7" event. Colors include seafoam green, ice blue metallic and olympic white. Some other features unique to this release include Vintage '58 alnico single coil pickups, limited edition engraved neck plate and 60s [...]

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