FrankenTeles: See the Creations

Posted by The STRATosphere on 26th Aug 2022

We are constantly blown away with stories from our customers on how they were able to craft the guitar they had imagined. We
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Fender Neck Profiles Explained

Posted by The STRATosphere on 17th Aug 2021

Customers often ask for recommendations on which neck profile is the best fit for their hands and playing style. Below is a
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New Seymour Duncan Sets!

Posted by The STRATosphere on 10th Dec 2020

We have always been putting together custom pickup sets for our customers since we became Seymour Duncan dealers. Duncan has
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Rosewood Parts Shipping Worldwide Again!

Posted by The STRATosphere on 6th Mar 2020

The Conference on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES) in Geneva, Switzerland voted on A
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CruzTOOLS- Tools for Musicians

Posted by The STRATosphere on 2nd Mar 2018

Guitar players may know a little about truss rods and action, but few actually attempt adjustment. That’s a shame, becaus
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